Now Available As a Graphic Novel

All 3 comic books are now combined into a beautiful graphic novel with new activities between each chapter. Perfect bound on durable pages and ready for your library.

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Newton’s Nemesis captures the right tone of addressing the reality of math anxiety and negative perceptions of math ability of a young man, struggling with learning fractions, with positive messages about loving math and cultivating a growth mindset by learning from our mistakes.  A mystery, presented in graphic format, the three-part comic addresses the challenge of multiplying and dividing fractions, mathematics that challenges upper elementary and middle school students globally.  Ticknor’s story includes women and girls who love math, including ethnic minorities, who are historically underrepresented in STEM careers.  The colorful illustrations include fun details, pi symbols and pencils, on the pants sported by the perceived nemesis and fraction rapper, I.D. Vide.  Students and teachers alike will enjoy using this three-chapter graphic novel to tackle the challenge of fractions. Perhaps the PTO would be willing to provide a fractional pizza part to celebrate the completion of the lessons?”

Melanie E. Hughes, Librarian, Indiana University Southeast, STEM comic researcher and cartoonist