A Recipe for Fractions

If you cook, you use fractions. So why not use cooking to teach fractions? During the holidays my favorite recipes feed a small army, and when I’m cutting them in half, it always reminds me that cooking in an American kitchen uses plenty of fractions. That’s why I couldn’t resist adding a recipe to the […]

Diversity, Comic Books & Math

Thanks to Google’s search image that reminded me that this is not just another day off, I was inspired to read about diversity and comic books to celebrate Dr. King’s birthday. So with a warm cup of tea in hand, I stumbled across the work of Edel Reilly, who creatively asked her students to make […]

Teacher Gifts for Fraction Lovers!

As I was doing my holiday shopping, I couldn’t help but be a little self-indulgent and look around for cool books and classroom tools for teaching fractions. As a former teacher, I would often wish Santa would bring me cool toys to test and use in my classroom. So, if you’re looking for a few […]

Multiplication: Lost in Translation?

A recent task I developed used visual models of multiplication involving a unit fraction. Can you match visual models with the expressions ⅓ x 12, ⅓ of 12 or 12 x ⅓? Who would have guessed that creating this task would send me on a hunt through time and continents for the first definitions of multiplication, multiplier, and multiplicand?

Superpowers for Math Lessons: Writing

With mounting pressures of high stakes testing and pacing guides, often teachers find it difficult to add math writing tasks to daily lessons without leaving something valuable out. According to a study published this year, teachers don’t have to choose. Writing is a superpower when teaching fractions!