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Comic Books That Teach Fractions!

Test Results are in, and they are SUPER COOL!

The beta test results for Newton's Nemesis No. 1 are in, and I am thrilled!  The teachers and children loved the book.

I gave class sets of the comic books to teachers in four schools, three of which are low income and qualify for Title 1 funding.  That means over 40% of the children receive free or reduced price lunches.  Over 150 children read the book, and the teachers gave it 5 out of 5 on almost every metric.

These are direct quotes from the teachers (the all caps are theirs):

The students LOVED it.

My students loved the story and illustrations. They can't wait to see what happens next.

My students were HIGHLY engaged.

“When are we going to read this book again?" - I got this often, especially from students that are not usually engaged in math!

For the most part, they loved reading 'comics' during math and didn’t realize that they were actually learning math. SUPER COOL!!:O

Some of the children wrote charming notes to me:

I love your book. I can' wait to see part two of the book.

Can you come to our school to meet us and talk about the book?

I loved the book.  I loved the part when you wrote the part where Leah didn't know how to say third. Instead she said turd.

I love this comment book but can you visit miss i divide's house

Are you the witch in real life?

Their comments are invaluable to me! Children, even those who don't like math, are getting engaged and enjoying the story.

Now for the next steps.  It's time to get the comic book printed in color and distributed to more low income schools!