Teaching Fractions Concepts using Comic Books

There are at least 5 different ways children think of fractions, all of which are essential for their success in math. Here’s how to use comic books to teach five fraction concepts!

Launching Big Ideas about Fractions

A teacher who loves the comic book series, The Mysterious I.D. Vide and Newton’s Nemesis, recently asked me “How would should I use it?” I wrote the series as a fun way to launch great classroom conversations about the big ideas that are foundational to understanding fraction multiplication and division. So, the question is, “What are those big ideas?”

A Resource Devoted to Fraction Division!

This morning my mother and I spent some time looking at old 5th and 6th grade textbooks to see how fraction multiplication and division has been taught over the years. We were surprised to find an impressive gap when it came to teaching fraction division. But before we left, I discovered a new resource that I am very excited about!

Teacher Gifts for Fraction Lovers!

As I was doing my holiday shopping, I couldn’t help but be a little self-indulgent and look around for cool books and classroom tools for teaching fractions. As a former teacher, I would often wish Santa would bring me cool toys to test and use in my classroom. So, if you’re looking for a few […]

Starting a Research Blog on Dividing by Fractions

When I first envisioned using a comic book to teach fractions, I naturally went online to see if anyone had thought of the idea yet. There were plenty of resources on teaching the concept of a fraction, and even adding and subtracting. But when I searched…