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Guide for Parents & Teachers

This guide has activities and prompts for math journals that illuminate all the math in Newton’s Nemesis and how it is tied to the Common Core Standards.  Experienced teachers will be able use the comic book series to teach  and lessons from math history!

A Fraction-Algebra Sandwich

Peck and Matassa (2016) recently published a research paper that reinforced why fraction division and multiplication is such an important topic for children to master. We often hear that understanding fractions is a gateway to learning algebra, and these authors offered some pretty compelling reasons why that’s the case. Before we get to the study, […]

Connecting Whole Number & Fraction Division

In Newton’s Nemesis, I created Theo’s precocious little sister Leah not only because I was like that to my older sister (yes, I regret that a little bit now) but because I wanted to connect division with whole numbers and fractions.  There is some evidence that the difficulties with fraction division are rooted in understanding division…